Regulation 4 Test in Los Angeles

If your property falls under the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) of the City of Los Angeles, you need to find a licensed Reg 4 Certified Tester to certify your fire protection systems. You may receive an e-mail or post mail notice from the LAFD that you have 30 days to complete testing. In case of any defects found during testing, you’ll have 30 more days to make repairs. KO Fire Protection is licensed for Reg 4 Testing as well as Licensed, Bonded and Insured to make necessary repairs.

Reg 4 Quote

You’ll want to get a quote for Reg 4 Testing. The information that is important to share with a potential certified tester is your address, how many stories your building has, how many units, and which fire protection systems you have on site. Systems vary and its important for your contractor to know what they are facing so we don’t misquote you and arrive on site with surprises. In some cases, its best we stop by the premises if you have complex systems.

The Compliance Engine

Once testing is complete, your Reg 4 Certified Tester will submit your system reports to The Compliance Engine by Brycer. There is a standard reporting processing fee of $12, which may be increased over time. If the tester submits a fail, you’ll have 30 days to make repairs then submit a Retest report with another processing fee. Costs vary depending upon your systems and how many defects you had.

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