Los Angeles Fire Protection

If you are looking for a Los Angeles Fire Protection company that is reliable, experienced, and insured then KO FIRE is a great choice. We are not only licensed by the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau, but we are also licensed and bonded by the State of California’s CLSB License Board with a C16 License.

Los Angeles Fire Prevention

KO Fire is licensed by the Los Angeles Fire Department‘s Chief’s Regulation 4 Unit. Also known as The Compliance Unit, LAFD Inspectors highly recommend KO Fire for fire prevention in Los Angeles.  We can certify your premises and bring you up to code for the following systems: Automatic Closing Fire Assemblies Testing, Automatic Elevator (Phase I & II) Testing, Automatic Sprinkler Testing, Basic and Complex Fire Life Safety Systems Testing, Battery Systems Only Testing, Central Station Testing, Class I Standpipe Testing, Class II Standpipe Testing, Class III Standpipe Testing, Combined Standpipe Testing, Elevator Testing, Emergency Generator and Battery Systems Testing, Fire Escape Testing, Fire Pumps Testers, Gas Detection Tests, Mechanical Smoke Proof Enclosures Testing, Pressurized Stairshaft Testing, Smoke Evacuation Testing

Fire Safety is your best insurance. Keeping your property protected could save lives and property value. It’s a no brainer. It can be daunting and confusing when hiring a fire safety contractor. Let us answer your questions and do the hard work for you. E-mail us [email protected] for a quote.