Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

Your premises may have a Fire Alarm or Fire Sprinkler System with an existing integrated monitoring service. You may be interested in a monitoring service upgrade to digital cellular, or you may be in need of monitoring service initially installed.  The way it works is as follows: when your fire alarm or sprinkler system is activated, a signal is sent through a central station monitoring service who will dispatch the local Fire Department to your premises. It’s important to have this tested annually to ensure proper operation. If there are any defects found during testing in regards to your monitoring service operation, it’s in your interest to have it repaired, otherwise you would be paying for a monthly monitoring service that doesn’t work as intended. KO Fire Protection is licensed is Licensed, Bonded and Insured to make necessary repairs.

Monthly Monitoring Quote

Whether requested by the Fire Department or Insurance, you’ll want to get a quote for monthly monitoring services by emailing [email protected]. The information that is important to share with us as a potential service provider is your address, if you currently pay for a monthly monitoring service, and which fire protection systems you have on site. Systems vary and it’s important to know what exists on site so we don’t misquote you. In some cases, its best we make an appointment to stop by the premises.

Supervisory Station Alarm

If your premises is in the City of Los Angeles, you’ll need a Supervisory Station Alarm Reg 4 Test completed for your Monitoring Service. Once the findings of your test pass certification, your Certified Tester will submit a system report on The Compliance Engine by Brycer. There is a standard reporting processing fee of $12, which may be increased over time. If the tester submits a fail, you’ll have 30 days to make repairs then submit a Retest report with another processing fee. Costs vary depending upon your systems and how many defects you had.

Contact us for your Monthly Monitoring Service and Supervisory Station Alarm needs. Email us [email protected] or Call (818) 259-4412