Elevator Recall Testing

If your premises is in the City of Los Angeles, you will need a Certified Reg 4 Testing to test your elevator recall system. That would be considered a Reg 4 Elevator Test. In some cases, your insurance company or the State of CA will also request testing. In that you will need to hire a Certified Competent Conveyance (Elevator) Mechanic (CCCM) who is employed by a Certified Qualified Conveyance Company (CQCC). Call or email us for a quote so we can get you scheduled.

elevator testing

Elevator Recall Repair

Elevator Recall systems can be tricky business, especially because many smoke detectors are obsolete in this day and age. Fortunately, we have the experience in dealing with hard to find replacements in order to get your elevator back up and running, while still maintaining AHJ safety standards. Recently one of our customer’s elevator was down for 3 weeks until we came in and repaired their system after sourcing the proper smoke detectors.

Contact us for your Regulation 4 Testing and Compliance Needs. Email us [email protected] or Call (818) 259-4412