Reg 4 Testing

KO Fire, Inc’s President Kevin Opos is licensed by the Regulation 4 Division as a Certified Tester. If your premises exists in the City of Los Angeles, you will need a Certified Reg 4 Tester to test your fire systems. If you receive a notice from the Fire Department, you’ll only have 30 days to hire someone for testing. Call or email us for a quote right ASAP so we can get you scheduled.

Reg 4 Compliance

Building owners and managers must comply with Reg 4 Testing Guidelines or the City Attorney could eventually take action to fine you. We will help you avoid that scenario or if it’s too late we will help get you out of trouble by testing immediately. We have an upstanding relationship with the Reg 4 Unit so we will call the Inspectors to inform them of testing. We will follow standard reporting procedures via the Brycer Compliance Engine. If defects are found, you will have 30 days to make repairs file a retest report. Contact us to receive a quote on Reg 4 Testing and Reg 4 Retest

Contact us for your Regulation 4 Testing and Compliance Needs. Email us [email protected] or Call (818) 259-4412