Fire Safety Compliance

Effective in 1984, the Los Angeles Fire Department passed a new ordinance containing code requirements in the areas of building, electrical, fire and plumbing. The Dorothy Mae Ordinance had many new regulations to follow, but most vital to note is that Self-closing devices were now being required on apartment or guest room doors openings into an interior stairway, hallway or exit. Why? Because if there is a fire in a unit just like the tragic one in the Bronx– and the front door is left open– the fire will be delayed from spreading into the corridor for a minimum of 90 mins. That’s an entire 1.5 hours. This is vital time in the case of a fire emergency to allow for evacuation and emergency personnel to take action for fire extinguishing and rescue. Click the following link if you’d like to read the entire LAFD Dorothy Mae Ordinance.

fire door closer

Fire Sprinkler Retrofit

Another regulation added to buildings in Los Angeles that fell under the Dorothy Mae Ordinance was adding sprinkler heads above each self-closing door. This type of retrofitting may not be possible considering the cost and logistics of installing new sprinkler systems in the vast amount of non-sprinklered buildings in NYC. That is why self-closing doors and regularly tested smoke detectors are a vital in order to save life and property assets.

Smoke Detectors are Vital

Smoke detectors within apartment or condo units are local meaning they won’t make an external fire alarm control panel ring nor alert the Fire Department to be dispatched. Smoke detectors in common areas are often connected to a Fire Alarm Control Panel and should make your building’s fire alarm bells ring and sometimes release magnetically-held fire doors to latch. You need to stay compliant and vigilant with annual testing of your fire alarm and fire doors whether you are ordered to do so by the local AHJ, Fire Department, or Insurance– or not. Regardless of where you live, these are important fire safety measures that should be taken seriously by building owners and management.

Supervisory Station Alarm Monitoring

Ask your building management if your Fire Alarm or Fire Sprinkler system is monitored. If there is an emergency, monitored systems will dispatch firefighters within minutes. These systems also require Annual Supervisory Station Alarm Testing. In 2022, dedicated digital phone lines are cheaper than analog lines ever were. Now is the time to take action in order to stay on top of your building’s fire safety for your protection. As we often say, “Know Safety, No Fire”.

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